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Why No Tomb Raider Remakes?


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I'm playing through Tomb Raider III again and it strikes me that the first four TR offerings are absolutely incredible for their time and are still immensely fun to play, but they suffer greatly from their polygonal rendering limitations.  I'd love to see what these games are like with modern graphic capabilities.  I realize there have been new TR games for various systems, but they all seem to suffer from the suck.  Meanwhile these first four games are magic in my mind and would be gobsmacking if translated into the modern aesthetic.  Have I missed something and this is already out there or is there a reason that we have revisted the likes of FFVII (unnecessarily) and not Tomb Raider?

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I really enjoyed Tomb Raider Anniversary and I've played through it many times on both PS2 and PS3 (PS3 version is an HD remaster of the PS2 remake).  It's also available with other consoles from those generations.  .  

Keep in mind that it isn't perfect.  The control is a bit sloppy and sometimes you won't jump in the direction you want which causes you to die.  This can get frustrating at times.  The game is also not an a 1:1 remake like Twin Snakes.  It's more of a imagining like the Resident Evil Remake.  But the game is absolutely beautiful and includes a lot of stuff that you will appreciate if you know the original game really well.  It includes some optional pickups which lead to unlockable content.  It also includes a really fun playable version of Laura's mansion which pretty much acts like an extra level.  It's absolutely worth playing on any system (the HD versions being the preferred method for me).  

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13 minutes ago, Reed Rothchild said:

The Tomb Raider remake (and its two sequels,

I agree.  Although to clarify, while TR Anniversary takes place first in the story of those three games, it was released second.  Tomb Raider Legend was the first game released under the new game engine after the reboot after Angle of Darkness didn't do very well.  TR Anniversary followed up second as a prequel and Underworld wrapped up the story.

Both Legend and Underworld are great games, but Legend is a bit short and Underworld doesn't have as much variety.  I prefer Anniversary out of the three.  

If you see it cheap, definitely grab Tomb Raider Trilogy for the PS3.  Easiest way to play all three games in HD.    

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