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While westerns are not my favorite genre I still enjoy them. Sorted alphebetically the list also includes movies set on the frontier.
The Big Sky 1952  Interesting movie starring a young Kirk Douglas about a team of trappers who take a keel boat deep into Indian territory.  Also star Arthur Hunnicutt who was a superb character actor.
Blazing Saddles 1974  Everybody's favorite -which has sadly been butchered - what is annoying is that what has been cut is generally mocking that which the censors are worried might offend people.  Go figure.
Drums Along the Mohawk 1939  Movie set in Revolutionay times - stars Henry Fonda and Claudette Colbert - with a small role by John Carradine.
Little Big Man 1970   My favorite on the list.  Episodic comedy starring Dustin Hoffman. Martin Balsam and Chief Dan George (who I really like) have lesser roles.
Northwest Passage1940;  Another frontier movie set during the French and Indian Wars. Stars Spencer Tracy, Robert Young and Walter Brennan.
The Outlaw Josey Wales 1976  Rousing (and often funny) episodic western with Clint Eastwood.  Also has another great performance by Chief Dan George.
The Ox-Bow Incident 1942  One of a handful  of good film noir westerns - involves three cowboys (or maybe rustlers) caught with a possible stolen herd of cattle who are caught and put on trial by a posse.  Stars Henry Fonda.
The Searchers 1956  While I am not a big John Wayne fan he was certainly a force in westerns (and other movies). This one loosely tells the story of Cynthia Ann Parker - a white girl kidnapped by Indians who became the mother of the famous Comanche Indian chief Quanah Parker.  Unusual for the time in that Indians played, well, Indians.
Son of the Morning Star 1991  The best movie version of the Battle of the Little Big Horn.  Shot in a semi-documentary style it shows events from both the Indian and cavalry sides.
The Unconquered 1947  - Derided by critics as a cardboard epic it drew in the crowds,  Pretty epic in scale it starred Gary Cooper, Claudette Colbert and Howard De Silva (who as always played a marvelous villain).  Boris Karloff had a small role ad an Indian chief!
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12 hours ago, Jicsan said:

My favorite western....  Back the Future part III. 😛 

Not my favorite genre, or even one that I like.  I used to watch lots of old ones with my grandfather growing up though.

If only Clint Eastwood had been in that one........................

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