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RIP Eddie Haskell


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Ken Osmond (the actor who played Eddie Haskell) on the iconic sitcom "Leave It To Beaver"  has died.

For those of you not familiar with the series, Eddie Haskell was friends with Wally (Beaver's older brother) and was a smarmy character who was always saccharinely sweet/polite to adults but would deliberately give Beaver and his friends bad advice which would invariably get them in trouble.  And Eddie would always walk away scot-free.  I suspect that in the "Leave It to Beaver" universe he grew up to become a politician.

Oddly enough Ken Osmond had not one but two bizarre urban legends about him.  One was that he became Alice Cooper.  The other was  that he became John Holmes (a famous/infamous) porn star,  In actuality he became a police officer.

Jerry Mathers (the Beaver) also had one wherein he was killed in Vietnam. Also not true.

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