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So I'm looking for a NES or Famicom Rob. I don't need cables or extras or anything. He doesn't need to be working and he can be yellow. I do want him to have arms, even if the arms are kinda janky or broken. He's just gonna be my buddy to game with and pose for pics of my collection on my Instagram. Kinda want him to be my little mascot bro. Maybe I'll take him game hunting for good luck when thats possible again.. Include him in my unboxing videos, etc. Might get him a small hat and a gold chain. 


So yeah, looking for a Rob. Looking for something a little under ebay prices if we can work something out. I promise he will be going to a good home and you can have regular photo updates on my Instagram of him. 


Edit: megamanfan hooked it up, thanks guys! 

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