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  1. Guns and backpacks aren't important to me, helmets and limbs are. Just looking for figures to display so I don't mind a bit of paint wear. I have some of these already but I forget which. Trying to avoid buying several groups on ebay and dealing with doubles, I'd rather just buy what I need individually. For some reason prices on these are scattered all over the place. They'll sit and relist for weeks at a time for 30 bucks while the more reasonably priced ones never make it more than a few hours. It's difficult to lock down a buy it now price on these. Thanks!
  2. Our family dos pc was my original game system before nes (I got my nes late, in like 1994). I distinctly remember going to "computer fairs" with my dad as a kid and getting cds full of shareware demos. It was probably such easy money for those guys, but I loved them. Monster bash, cosmos cosmic adventure, crystal caves, Duke nukem, commander keen, boppin, math & word rescue, biomenace, hocus pocus, jazz jack rabbit... And a few others tossed in like lion King and various Sierra games. I'm really cheap so I don't think I'd ever pay for them in a collection. To be fair, the cds a
  3. Thanks! I have Sigi in the mail now, and hopefully several more coming along soon. A few collectors edition things but I generally skip those.
  4. I'm not sure if this is something you guys would be interested in here, but if you are I'm happy to update this thread as I go. I purchase a lot of limited edition physical games (down with digital!) but I actually open mine to play unlike a lot of people who buy them. So to show off any bonus items or surprises I make these videos to share. I never (so far) have commentary since I personally hate when people babble for 5 minutes to get their ad revenue up and slowly show some of the items. These are quick and to the point. I hope you enjoy, I have a bunch more in the pipeline!
  5. I don't always have a table, I save up my bulk stuff for a year or two and then liquidate at the show. With reduced yardsales this year I'm not too sure that I'll have much to sell anyway Was gonna actually unload all my own stuff and thin my collection down to about half, but maybe this is a sign to keep hoarding.
  6. Thanks for the words of encouragement guys! If our local game con ends up canceled due to covid (it's in October...) I think I'll take the chance with ebay. I appreciate the experienced information.
  7. I'm not a coffee fan but I've gotten into cold brew because I need to stay awake at work. Bones Coffee chocolate raspberry is like liquid candy and I very much enjoy it. Other than coffee, I drink seltzer to survive. I drank regular lime flavor for a lot of years, but since seltzer is cool suddenly there has been a flavor explosion and I have so many brands and tastes to choose from. The summer edition plum one from Polar is my current favorite! Beers I drink whatever gets left in my fridge. I had a bud light tall boy and a Mickeys earlier. I like craft beers but hate IPA (nasty bitt
  8. So I bought the Jak and Daxter collection from LRG when it released assuming I wouldn't get a copy anyway. I somehow made it through and got one, and by the time it arrived I decided I like the game but I don't like it $400. Since then it has sat on my shelf - partly due to my guilt and dislike of flipping, partly because I'm just legitimately afraid to sell/ship it. Ebay freaks me out because the buyer can be any jerkbag who says "umm item damaged during shipping" or "sent wrong item" and then I'm screwed. I'd feel infinitely better about trading something(s) for it, but even if I
  9. I'm extremely cheap...I rely on "wild" finds for almost my entire collection. I don't think I've ever spent over $100 on a single game, save for some collectors edition stuff I bought new once upon a time? And even those I think I was only buying with the Amazon 20% discount on preorders. I've told myself I wouldn't sensibly pay over original retail price for any game...but I do see myself breaking that in the future. I can rationalize it because I've built most of my collection for literal pennies...I have a lot of spending to catch up to breaking even, so a splurge on something extravag
  10. Record came from Japan this week so slowing down with this!
  11. I started buying at Saturday Morning RPG for ps4. I burnt out on these limited releases. I love physical games and I actually don't buy any digital at all. But I can't buy $3 mobile phone games for $40 anymore. I'm still in for big ones. Also I really love Special Reserve games. They go the extra mile with bonus goodies and a beautiful outer box. I can justify their releases more. I still have like 10 pre-orders across the various companies but I skip like 75% of releases.
  12. Offered me a great deal, shipped quickly and packaged safely. Sent me pics at each step to keep me updated. Awesome seller and will hopefully be buying from again soon! Thanks!
  13. Over many years I've narrowed my focus - I keep all NES games. I'm not looking for a full set but if I accidentally get most of the way there I'll finish it. I'm only at 214 on that. SNES I would keep *most* of. While I have no nostalgia for the games (skipped nes to ps1) I very much enjoy the 16 bit asthetic. I honestly don't have time for retro rpg, and sports games are a pass but I like cheesy licensed games and bad platformers. N64 done - don't even want half of what I've got. GameCube wii wiiu done done done. Genesis done. Not chasing anything except snes and nes actively. All
  14. I slept on these guys forever because I generally dislike female vocals. This album is so killer I'm glad I finally tried. Almost shoegaze doom. I bought a copy of Come My Fanatics on vinyl I'm hoping shows up before I have to place a PayPal dispute no communication. Also Conan - Monnos on the same order so hopefully those very soon. Slept
  15. I've been essential since the start, but I got a 1 week paid break when they reduced staff, and then I had a 2 week break for being exposed. I work maintenance for local government. We look after a compound with 6 buildings. Generally several hundred workers plus waves of public daily. Despite many of the buildings having less than 10 people in them daily, we've brought back our entire part time staff for nightly cleanings... There's 4 people working daily to clean a building that's entirely empty during the day. I tried to fight for them but ended up close to burning myself on it
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