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Just a thread to kinda chronicle my progress, maybe ask some advice and just share with you guys.

I posted picture 1 to the recent purchases thread, but it shows you what I bought. No screen, buttons or board (the latter I own). It did come with dirt though. All the dirt.


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The screen is extra hard with this machine because only a certain curve can be slotted in. With the current isolation situation we are in I am just planning on putting in a monitor using a vga converter. Should the opportunity arrive to replace it with an OG screen then I may consider it, but atm I just wanna play the thing haha.

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Buttons came in the Post today so I can get to work on wiring. The previous owner sorta grouped them together with zip ties, but I am not sure they did them properly so might be investigating.


Oh and I know the control panel art looks shoddy; it was not printed properly so just using it as I wait on the replacement/the plexiglass gets cut.



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5 hours ago, Sumez said:

How did you make the acrylic casing for the PCB?

I've seen some people selling ready-made kits here and there, but they are always incredibly expensive for what it is.

I bought it haha. Same people that did my Neo Geo one. I think it was 50 USD, which you're right, isn't cheap but I don't own the equipment to do it. Shipping was a bitch as well as it tends to be when you are in Canada.

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