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Who's this robot?


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As the topic says, I have a robot, but what is it?


Seems to be made of small pieces that come apart and fit together. My wife was kinda forced to buy it because my son knocked it of a shelf and broke one of the pieces, but I reckon it's pretty cool looking actually, lol!

Any idea what this is from or what it is?

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1 hour ago, OptOut said:

Wow, that was quick, thanks! 🙂

These things aren't worth anything are they?

Not broken they aren't 😉

Which of your son's broke it, the younger one? Just goes to show you need to teach that "look with your eyes, not with your hands" lesson more in your lessons 😄

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Actually, turns out it wasn't even properly broken! Just one of the pieces fell off when it dropped to the floor, but I was able to put it back together. It is missing another piece tho, so yeah it's just junk basically!

Oh and it was Jamie who dropped it, not Charlie, lol! 😅

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I was never into the super robot thing too much, and only ever seen Gundam Wing, but with that recognized this robot as a Gundam so typed in "Gundam super robot" into google and a few pages down into images and Bam!, there is was. It's pretty cool looking. I used to long ago have all of the Gundam Wing robots back when I was watching that anime and was working at Toys R us.

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It’s from Mobile Fighter G. It’s a side story/alternate universe like Gundam Wing. In that universe, nations moved to space and used the Earth as a battleground for mobile suit “tournaments” for control. That suit belongs to Master Asia in the 2nd half. 

It’s probably a 1/100 series...possibly a master grade given the hands and movement. There’s a few other versions.


edit: I should have been more clear. Master Grade is one of their model lines. Not toy line. 

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