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Hangtab grading


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Hello all, I’m curious how hangtab boxes are graded. I’m not one to get my games graded but merely curious what makes up the grading scale when it comes to nes hangtab boxes. I have always been one to prefer unpunched hangtabs meaning the entire piece as well as the sombrero.


My question is if you had two identical boxes of say smb and one has a punched hangtab and the other is unpunched. Do they end up with the same grade or is there a set deduction from the grade for the box being punched vs unpunched?

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Looking for some help from people who get their games graded. Hoping someone can give me an honest opinion as to which would grade higher if I sent it in. Both are kid Icarus unpunched hangtabs, no discoloration that I can see.

Left box has some fingernail or pen/pencil type indents. One on the front and one of the back.

Box on the right has some denting along the lower right front and some creasing on a side or two and lower left back side by the upc.

Now I don’t know what will cause more to be deducted from the box score when grading so hopefully I can get some insight here.


I could only load so many pictures in here but have more on my google drive, feel free to take a look please:







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I've sent in like 15 games.  My opinion would be the left is better.  I'd say like 10% change at 7.5 at highest. most like a 6.5-7.   I am very critical of games, and write down my predictions before I send them in.  The boxes I have  sent in always seem to come in .5 lower than I expect.  Countless people have commented on their games that the boxes grade low, and in my experience, they are tough on the boxes.  

I'd expect a 6.5 on the right box. 

Hell, check this mega man game I sent in that got a 7.5 box 😡





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@FooFghtrs33 - thanks for the insight, much appreciated. I was really bummed to see the indentations on the left box when it arrived but all in all great pick ups for me this past week. Upgraded a few hangtabs and some other pieces.

Is there any sort of set point deductions for things like punched hangtabs, dents or creases when it comes to grading?

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