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WTB - CIBs for multiple systems


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Administrator · Posted

Looking for some gamz. I like em minty; box condition is most important though.

  • NES
    • Contra
    • DuckTales (Box & Manual only)
    • Darkwing Duck
    • Kirby's Adventure
    • McKids
    • Mega Man
    • Snow Brothers
    • Zombie Nation
  • SNES
    • Contra III
    • Maui Mallard in Cold Shadow
    • Kendo Rage
    • Phalanx
    • Space Megaforce
    • Spanky's Quest
  • N64
    • Hexen
    • Mario Party 2
    • Mario Party 3 (just need cart/manual, but will buy CIB if it's what you have)
    • Rampage 2: Universal Tour
  • PS2
    • Kuon
    • Other horror games I don't have (shoot me a list of what you have!) 
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Administrator · Posted
18 hours ago, bluebomber said:

I have a couple. I have a Maui Mallard that is sealed, although a piece of the plastic is ripped. Still about 80% sealed and unopened. I also have a CIB Duck Tales. Message me if you are interested.

Thanks, I'll toss you a pm! Prob not into the sealed game as I'd unseal it to play (assuming you're looking for a premium on it being sealed compared to CIB), but DuckTales at least I could go for! 

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