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Famicom Gimmick! / NES Mr. Gimmick -- Question


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The Famicom version relies on the expansion audio pin on Japanese cartridges. So unless the Retrozone one was designed to work on Famicom consoles (or the INL audio dongle), which is very unlikely, you won't get the Japanese soundtrack.

But "much much better" is hyperbolic I think. They did a really good job at recreating the music using only the NES audio channels on the European release, which is the one I've played. It still sounds fantastic - but obviously the Japanese version comes out on top.

Here's what the western NES soundtrack sounds like:


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Quote from their site



This is the real NTSC Mr Gimmick from a previously unreleased prototype cart. All sounds and music have been created for the NTSC system without extra hardware needed. It is not the JP or PAL version.

Therefore, it's the US proto ROM with no expansion audio.

Besides, adding the circuit in a NES cart/console is more tricky since you will have to use 2 of the EXP pins, create the circuit using AY-3-8912 or 8910 and also mod your NES to play it properly. 😛

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