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SFII - the final 12 (and other things about the game)


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What is your favorite final team for this game?

I like this line up:

Bowie (well duh since you have to have him).

The flying corp - Chester (as a pegasus knight), Jaro and Peter

The medical corp - Karna, Sara and Sheela as master monks

One archer (usually Rhode as a brass gunner)

Slade - who is pretty awesome once he gets up in levels - and he wields a mean gisarme.

The dwarf contingent* - Randolph (who I usually pick before Karna at Creed's - Karna is quite capable of catching  
up level wise when you go back to get the others at Creeds),  Jaha (as a baron) and Gyan.

*I usually abuse the heck out of the blacksmith and get the best weapons for everyone.  The dwarves get a rune axe, ground axe and an atlas axe (one of them will get the heat axe since there is not enough mithril).  I equip the ground axe, move and then switch to the rune axe if attacking (or I use the  atlas/heat axe to cast a spell) .  This makes them little walking tanks with a bit of magic capability. 

(I am not big on magic in the SF games and prefer a strong ground force.)    





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It's my least favorite of the trilogy, but still a great game, pretty sure last time my party was something like:


Kazin (as a sorc, his wizard spells don't cut it).



Karna (mmnk)

Sarah (mmnk)

Frayja (with a mystery staff, aura is amazing)


Higgins (yeah he sucks, but I just like him)

Jaha (brn)

Rick (pgnt)

and Peter, stupid overpowered Peter.

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I just finished SF1 on the switch (from the Sega Genesis Classics) and started on SFII.

The switch genesis classics has a quick save/quick load function.  Which will certainly be handy when I get to the point where I have to harass* that parsimonious blacksmith until he gives me the best weapons.

*In the original release I was often tempted to do this by throwing the controller at him after the umpteenth attempt to get a gisarme for Slade.

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I just finished SFII and the switch version has a quick load/quick save feature - which makes getting that S.O.B. parsimonious blacksmith to cough up the better mithril weapons quite a bit easier - still tedious but you don't have to stand by the console and hit the power switch and reload ad nauseum.

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