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Best glue for repairing game boxes

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Strangely using a warm thumbs pressure to hold it for a time to start, just like labels, a kids elmer's glue stick that goes wet purple and clear dry does it.  I've applied it to game boxes, board games, even vintage/antique toy boxes where a side has blown out or a fold, as it just seeps into the fibers and grips it nicely with some flexibility.  Sure it's not as strong as had it not been jacked up, but the alternatives of tape or making patches on the inside sucks as a last resort.

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I've read taking thin light paper, dissolving it in water and using the wet fibers with tweezers to put in place is what you do. When finished, out it under a heavy press until it should be dry. Note, I've not tried this but the idea is to get the wood fibers to bond back together with a material obviously used in the cardboard making process.

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That does sound like a book restoration technique I've heard of before or something similar.  I think the idea is the mashed up loose paper can kind of creep into a rip, blend in, and then upon using warm pressure it would kind of recreate what had been there minus say any coloring.

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