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Rusty staples - How do you deal with them?

Rusty staples - How do you deal with them?  

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  1. 1. For you CIB collectors, how do you deal with manuals with rusty staples?

    • Leave them as is
    • Remove the staples and replace with new ones
    • Remove the staples but don't replace them
    • Refuse to purchase games with rusty staples
    • Buy the game but replace the manual with a repro
    • Other (comment!)

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So I'm a CIB Genesis collector and I've had a few games with this issue in my time, and I'm wondering how other collectors handle this.

At first, presuming the manual was otherwise in good shape, I used to just leave them alone. Lately though, I've started removing the staples in order to prevent the rust from further staining the pages (or leeching into the cardboard box, where applicable), cleaning off whatever has leached over as best I can, and finally leaving the manual staple-less. I've thought about trying to find a replacement staple of matching-size, but I'm worried it would eventually begin rusting due to contact with the rust already in the paper.

I know some collectors like to see rusty staples, and take it as a sign of authenticity. How do you handle this in your own collections?

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