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RIP Rosie the Riveter


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This may seem inconsequential now but the entry of women into the workforce en mass (they were always there before - but usually in smaller numbers and less important positions) would change American society drastically a few decades later,   While most of the women (including my mother who worked in a munitions factory) went back to their pre war lives once the war was over (and men would staff the factories again).  But they told their daughers about their experineces - and the daughters would become a much more visible prescence in the workforce once they were old enough.

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9 minutes ago, mbd39 said:

Whoa. I wouldn't have even guessed that she was still alive.


It is sometimes kind of amazing how people survive longer than you would have thought,

This is a very famous picture from the destruction of the Warsaw Ghettoin WWII :


download (16).jpeg

Most of the people taken prisoner were sent to Treblinka where virtually all of them perished.  I saw a documentary a few years ago that interviewed the man who was the little boy in the picture,  It wasn't explained how he manage to survive but it is amazing that he did.

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