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N64 top labels?


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Whelp they look like this and the last page had N64 logo stickers as well. They don’t leave a residue if you pull them off and if you need to remove them for any reason they still stay sticky which is clutch. There are 22 labels on a page when full. Sorry for not having more on the page, almost done with the N64 set 🙂


Edit: Maybe these? https://www.etsy.com/listing/651893663/nintendo-64-n64-end-labels-custom-labels?gpla=1&gao=1&&utm_source=google&utm_medium=cpc&utm_campaign=shopping_us_c-electronics_and_accessories-video_games&utm_custom1=3c38d5b6-8f1d-4cd8-9ed6-53e52f521fe3&utm_content=go_304502075_22746072755_78727301915_pla-106552543235_m__651893663&gclid=EAIaIQobChMItPi8jO_n5wIVj5OzCh0o0Ad1EAQYBCABEgIrw_D_BwE

My set doesn’t have the extras like
homebrews or variants but I got them a few years ago. These are spot on to the looks of mine and even the last page they show has the exact same N64 logo extras. 

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I got all my labels from this guy.


For some reason they don't always pop up when searching for labels, they are cheap and can be removed and re-adhered multiple times without residue. He is good to work with also, I had a problem where he had the wrong label on the variants sheet. Basically included an extra label for a game that didn't have a variant and was missing an extra label for one that did. He quickly sent me a correct one. He also sent me a whole new sheet of master system labels when one of the ones in my set printed super blurry.

You can see my N64 ones in this thread and a few Jaguar ones in this thread.


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