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Is there a Castlevania hangtab box variant with "slightly shifted" art?


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I swear to god I remember this thread on NintendoAge but GoCollect is actually trash and I can't find the thread anymore. I'm almost positive I got this inkling in my brain from @qixmaster. I remember a thread listing all the Castlevania variants and this post said (to my recollection) the Castlevania hangtab box with the big logo cart had "slightly shifted" art compared to the hangtab box that contained a regular 5 screw cart. FWIW, it was a post from qixmaster that just listed like 5-6 Castlevania variants, not one of these big lists of print runs.

I have a CIB HT Castlevania that came with a big logo cart and one that came with a regular cart. The art is indeed "slightly shifted" up on the small logo cart's box but could be minor enough that it's just printing variance and this is a whopping sample size of one. Plus there's no guarantee the cart was truly paired with the correct box. There could also be a miscommunication about the "shifted art" being the cartridge art, which is obviously shifted, but in my memory the shifted art related to the box.

It bugs me because I remember reading it and now that everyone is eagle eyed on print runs I've never heard of it again. Can one of your NES archivists let me in on your secrets if there are secrets here?




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The paper is a folding board, coated 1 side (C1S) - similar to the type of box board used on cereal boxes - it is not cardboard. The only boxes that are actually a cardboard are system boxes and Gyro big box, along with the likes of earthbound and mario paint - those have a laminated color sheet glued to single face board if i'm not mistaken. 

The variance is the complete box wrap - @DefaultGen shows a good example of this on the bottom of the box - you can also see it in the hangtab . 

I don't disagree that the die cutting can and does have an affect in the overall allowable tolerance in the quality control for these boxes, however, the setup on the cutting die would be the issue here. once it is setup, it is locked and loaded with very minute details.  You aren't going to have that much give.  This is definitely two runs (at least on a die cutter) of the box.  I've only ever seen tolerance issues on a few others, including Ring King no banner (similar slight shift down and lighter green print).    I have however seen a gazillion tolerance and print issues on early black box games, but third party, its almost never. 

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