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Gateway System


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I remember using this on international flights to Japan in the 90s. Did not know it was in any way affiliated with Nintendo. 

I can tell you that it was incredibly laggy, and button presses often did not register. The menus were convoluted and difficult to navigate. And with a 15+ hour flight, there was A LOT of time to mess with it, I can confirm for certain that there were no Nintendo games to be played. It was just the same old boring puzzle games that they always had on these things

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I have absolutely used that shitty keypad on several international flights into and out of Taiwan! I usually fly with Cathay Pacific, so probably that's where I used these. I have also travelled with EVA and China Airlines on the same routes, can't remember if they have them too.

I can confirm, the TERRIBLE selection of generic mobile style games available, with not a Nintendo licenced property in sight, and the DREADFUL lag/dropped inputs from the system... The mere thought of playing an fast paced game like Donkey Kong Country using that device makes me shudder! 😱

If this is the best they could do for in flight gaming, all I can say is thank GOD for Gameboys, DS's and Switches!!! 😅


EDIT: Oh, and just in case it wasn't clear, I was using this keypad thing within the last couple years. As far as I know, they are still in use on international flights into and out of Taiwan!

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