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Did Shantae for GBC always come with a registration card?


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I've seen some listings for Shantae that include a mail-in postcard type thing and others that don't. Are all copies supposed to come with one or did they stop including them at some point? Seems like if it was a small print run then all copies should have come with it... 

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45 minutes ago, PineappleLawnchair said:

Seems like a leap of logic to not consider that the people who originally owned them simply mailed them off to Capcom.

Sure, but I just spoke to someone who said that he doesn't recall his copy ever coming with one. Maybe he or his parent did it at some point and he just doesn't recall. 

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3 minutes ago, PineappleLawnchair said:

Huh, the one guy who did an unboxing also didn't get a registration card either. 

Fascinating! This answers it. The contents match others I've seen exactly. 

I don't know if anyone tracks registration cards, they can be a pain to track down, but this effectively means there are two variants of Shantae!? And I am guessing there is no way to tell if a box has a registration card or not without breaking the seal!?? This is blowing my mind. 

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Guests · Posted

Slight necro, sorry, but confirming my CIB Shantae is exactly like the unboxing - it has no registration card.

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