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Looking for the Green Cobra Block Burner toy


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I got this toy for Christmas one year from relatives, the marks on the bottom are New Bright Ind. Co, LTD 1989, made in Hong Kong.

I've looked for ages to try to find another one of these, as this is quite nostalgic for me, but I simply can't find anything about it anywhere.

Has anyone seen this before?




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New Bright are still around, and they still use the same logo:


They renewed their building a few years ago, and it looks like this now:



New Bright car models are plentyful on eBay, you will find it one day lol


I didn't find the same one, but this one from 1989 has a similar chassis


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@Bubbapauls very cool! I showed that to my brother, getting closer.

@Tyree_Cooper Wow!!!

We actually have the car, but it plugged into a thingy with a traffic light attached. You pulled a lever and the car would rev up and the traffic light would change, pull it again to send the car shooting across the room.

My brother and I both really liked this toy as a kid, though it technically was mine, gotten for Christmas one year from an uncle iirc. I was hoping to possibly find a new one.

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It'll show up on eBay eventually, but for sure given the year, it must be pretty scarce. I had no idea New Bright made so many different car models - basic, pull-back, RC, and your funny revving model with a red light. I saw they had electric ones with wires attached from the car to the controller, I had forgot these even existed at one point.

If you ever find it or find a photo of it, I'm curious to see how it looks with the accessory. The lever was a controller shaped like a red light? Or an actual red light standing on a pole? Did they car require batteries (I guess it did)?

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I guess it used batteries, though I don't specifically remember.

I'm not quite good at describing the set up. There was a platform with a traffic light on a pole, the car snapped into the platform (you can see the hole on the back of it), then pulling a lever or handle would release it.

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