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Rough Ice Climber Box Only - Sticker/Hangtab


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that's a tough one...  I've been tracking sticker seals in a spreadsheet for my collection sake, and this box doesn't come up a ton, but the condition on that is obviously quite rough.  I'd guess on an Ebay auction $250 tops.  I'd be shocked at that to be honest.  more likely in that $150-$200 range.  my guess on a friend price with no fees and whatnot $100 - $150? 


Big plus though, I saw one Ebay listing that advertised this game as "part of the smash brothers cinematic universe", so you have that going for you ! 😂


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From my perspective as a CIB collector, the quality of the box is everything. If the box is in poor condition like this one, I'd rather not own it at all. So I wouldn't pay more than $20 for it, even if it does have a sticker seal. However, a more entrepreneurial individual may buy it, piece together a 1st edition, and then sell it as a CIB sticker seal. So maybe $100? 

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