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FamiTracker and Other Chiptunes Thread


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This isn't an actual game development thread. However, this does relate somewhat to making games. So, I guess it kinda counts for homebrew. I saw that there was a lack of FamiTracker related discussion on the forum. So, I created this thread for musicians to share their work. If you're doing music for a homebrew project or just making a demo tune, feel free to post it here! It doesn't have to be all FamiTracker songs either. I just made it the focus of this thread because that's the program I use the most. I personally have no experience making software for the NES. However, I can write music for it, which is something. To start things off, here's one of my personal favorite songs that I've done using just the stock 2A03 hardware.

Remix to Bed.ftm

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6 minutes ago, Jaden said:

I don't check the clubs and just post on the main forum

I don't think anyone does. lol. So your thread isn't useless. 😉 

Your use of the triangle was really nice. I like when people try and get the most out of it. 

15 hours ago, Jaden said:

feel free to post it here!

Don't mind if I do:
https://app.box.com/s/jnmi32x8acg6llhdyv1tt6o8exafaz8s (drums are recorded, not chip) 

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