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  1. It's very hard for me to remember, but I think the first game I ever bought on my own was Tetris for the NES. Of course, I had plenty of video games before that. I'm pretty sure the first game I've ever played is either Spyro 1 or Pac-Man. However, I'm just going by the first game I bought for my collection.
  2. Here are the date codes for my boxed games. Adventure Island - no dates (tabs were ripped off) Bandai Golf - 81217 (manual), no box date Battle Tank - 20703 (manual), no box date Blades of Steel - no manual, 00305 (box) Captain Skyhawk - 00710 (manual), 00717 (box) Dr. Mario - 00806 (manual), 00815, (box) Hogan's Alley - no dates (no manual) Kings of the Beach - no manual, 00320 (box) Milon's Secret Castle - 90118 (manual), 90117 (box) Mission: Impossible - no manual, 00718 (box) Pac-Man (Tengen) - no dates Rollergames - 0
  3. Alright, here are the date codes for all of my loose instruction manuals. Al Unser Jr. Turbo Racing - 00330 BurgerTime - 81122 Double Dragon 2 - 00710 Fester's Quest - 90823 Galaga - 91012 Golf - no date Ironsword - 00121 Millipede - no date Othello - 81121 Operation Wolf - 90919 Super Spike V'Ball/Nintendo World Cup - no date Tecmo Baseball - 81201 And I'll be on the lookout for that driver bit.
  4. Very interesting stuff. I'll have to look through my boxes and manuals to see when they were printed. I would look at my cartridges, but I don't believe I have the right screwdriver to open them. But I'll be sure to post those too if I can open them later.
  5. Jaden

    Collection Pics

    I kinda surprised this thread went so long without any activity. Anyway, that looks pretty cool. I'd be interested to see the boxed stuff more up close. At least, it looks like there's a good amount of boxed games there.
  6. Jaden

    Collection Pics

    I've been wanting this ever since I was a member of the old NintendoAge forum. And now boys, I finally got it. A brand new shelf. I'm really happy with how it looks. It's very tall, it's got plenty of room, and it's nice and sturdy. And I like the color as well. I think it matches my room pretty well. And hey, I finally have a shelf that isn't broken, which is nice. I'm hoping this one lasts me a while, because it's super nice. Just having all of my boxed games in a row and not all pushed up against each other is so satisfying.
  7. I picked up a nice selection of games a few days ago. I also made a video about them, but I imagine most of you probably don't want to hear an annoying kid talk for 15 minutes straight. I'm most happy with the boxed games I got. Dr. Mario especially looks really beautiful. And I finally have a Mega Man game in my collection! I've been waiting for like what, 8 years to find one for a not terrible price?
  8. What I'm saying is that this is the kind of stuff I would post when I was in elementary school, thinking I was cool for making up random arbitrary sets of games. I mean, collect what you wanna collect, but these sets are just flat out not real. But these are some great popcorn threads.
  9. Here's all the games my dad and I bought yesterday. If I remember correctly, I bought Tecmo Super Bowl, Magic of Shshshshshshsh, the Strawberry Shortcake game, and Solaris. And my dad bought the rest, of course. It's not the greatest lot of games, but the NES titles and the two boxed Atari games really made the whole set worth it. My jaw dropped when I saw Tecmo Super Bowl going for only 5 bucks. Keystone Capers is also a classic and Solaris is one of the best looking games on the 2600. I'm also happy that we found another copy of Spongebob Movie, since it was a game I loved back then and we n
  10. I'd be up for Famicom stuff. A lot of the early Namco ports like Galaxian, Dig Dug, and Mappy could make for good contests. And they're all great games too.
  11. Videomation I think could actually make for a fun contest. Who can draw the best picture with a D pad?
  12. I quickly put together a Google spreadsheet that sorts all of the games by both price and alphabetical order. I also made a couple minor changes, such as making the colors a bit easier to differentiate and grouping all the licensed and unlicensed games together. I figured I should make an alphabetical version just because some people prefer alphabetical order and that's what I prefer. I think you did an incredible job putting this guide together and I'm not trying to replace it. This is just an alternate way of reading the guide. I also didn't bother to include stuff like test carts and compet
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