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Night Mode issues


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Events Helper · Posted


Something I have noticed is that the white drowns out some of the text.  For instance, the n64 2020 thread I can't see the games on the white bars.  Also in clubs, the members don't have any names visible due to this.  My settings or settings of night mode?  Anything that can be done, like forcing it to a diff. color on night mode scheme?

K Thanks! 🙂 


I did notice a little difference on mobile........I can see the n64 2020 thread white box text, but 🤷‍♂️

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Administrator · Posted

Thanks for the feedback. The night mode could probably use some lovin, since it's a very basic iteration of it. When I get some downtime I'll do another sweep of the site using it (I use the main theme personally) and see what I can improve. 

Tbh I'm trying not to spend TOO much time upfront on these existing themes as I plan to do a whole rehaul now that we have a graphics team. Slowly but surely! 

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