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WTB NES CIB Games... From Commons to Rares!


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1/16 Update

Knocked out about 75 titles since start of the year and closer to ~150 needed at the moment.  Glad to take a look at anything you have available from commons to rares.  Please let me know!


So one of my resolutions this year is to get more serious about finishing my licensed NES CIB set (-SE).  I always just casually peck away at it but thought I'd try to knock out some more here.

I'm somewhere around 500 CIBs if my spreadsheet is right so I still need a good amount.  I have most of the big rares but could still use a ton from stuff as common as Bases Loaded 2 / 3 (yes I need those) to uncommons and mid rares. 

Unfortunately I don't have a checklist of needs ready at the moment, but if you have some extras available then please let me know and I can take a look.  Hoping for at least 8/10 condition or better, let me know!

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