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Need advice... Want to get my Gameboy DMG recapped and backlit.

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Anyone recommend a good modder service to get my spare Gameboy recapped and LCD modded?  It needs to be recapped because I can see waves in the lcd rolling up the screen and sometimes it won't power up on the first try.  Since I need it shopped anyway I thought it would be nice to get my spare backlight modded too.  

So anyone have any recommendations and ideas on prices I can expect?  Thanks in advance everybody.

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I never really ran into a need for a recap on an original GB, but if that really is a thing, you'll want to look at console5 they're the best resource for such parts and they sell a kit cheap for the DMG here https://console5.com/store/game-boy-dmg-01-cap-kit.html

Not sure what you mean about your spare backlight modded, but they do carry parts to do such tricks, or total LCD replacements, new lenses, etc.

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