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I've got the games (and some consoles below that I'm willing to part with to add some new stuff to my collection) Very interested in manuals/boxes/cases for my consoles as well as high end games (very rough want list here: https://imgur.com/gallery/gx5wkml). Games not in the Loose sections are CIB unless noted.  


**PS1 CIB**  
* Brigandine    
* Ogre Battle  
* Suikoden II  
* Tales of Destiny II (no manual)  

**PS1 Loose**  
* Adventures of Lomax  
* Lunar 2 (the making of disc)  

**PS2 CIB**  
* Grand Theft Auto III SEALED  
* Grand Theft Auto San Andreas SEALED  

**SNES CIB**  
* ClayFighter 2 Judgment Clay   
* Magic Sword  
* Mega Man 7 (box has some wear)   
* Nosferatu  
* Ogre Battle  
* Secret of Evermore  
* Sunset Riders  
* Syndicate  

**SNES Loose**  
* Captain Commando (label wear)  
* Final Fantasy Mystic Quest  
* Final Fight 2  
* Mega Man X2  
* Super Metroid  
* Sunset Riders   

**N64 CIB**  
* Mega Man 64 SEALED  
* Shadow Man SEALED (some wear)  

**N64 Loose**  
* 007 Goldeneye  
* Castlevania  
* Castlevania Legends  
* Diddy Kong Racing  
* Gex 64  
* Mario Golf  
* Yoshi's Story  

**NES CIB**  
* Faxandu  
* Linus Spacehead's Cosmic Crusade  
* Shadowgate   
* Star Tropics  

**GB/C/A CIB**  
* Armorines  
* Batman Beyond  
* Earthworm Jim: Menace2 the Galaxy  
* Game Boy Cleaning Kit (SEALED)  
* Heroes of Might & Magic II  
* Magical Drop  
* Metroid NES Classic Series (SEALED w some wear)  
* Onimusha Tactics (SEALED w some wear)  
* Out of Gas  
* The Sims Bustin Out  
* Shaman King: Master of Spirits 2 (SEALED)  

**GB/C/A Loose**  
* Boktai  
* Castlevania Double Pack  
* Dig Dug  
* DK Country  
* Double Dragon Advance  
* Dragon Ball Advanced Adventure  
* Gameshark Pro for GB/GBC  
* Kid Dracula  
* Mega Man V  
* Mortal Kombat  
* Pokemon Silver  
* Sumo Fighter  
* Tetris  

**Gamecube Loose**  
* Super Smash Bros  

**Genesis CIB**  
* Shining Force  

**Genesis Loose**  
* Alien Storm  
* Air Buster (some wear)  
* Caliber 50  
* Hellfire  
* Jewel Master  
* Ms Pac-Man  
* Phantasy Star IV  
* Splatterhouse 2  
* Splatterhouse 3  
* Sub-Terrania  

**Saturn CIB**  
* Enemy Zero (no original disc sleeves)  
* Night Warriors Darkstalkers Revenge  
* Shining the Holy Ark  

**Saturn Loose**  
* Memory Card Plus  
* Nights into Dreams  

* Sega Genesis The Core System (CIB)  
* Sega CD Model 2 (loose)  


* Dragon Ball Z: Collectible Card Game (Box & Manual)  
* The Smurfs (Box & Manual)  

* Castlevania Dracula X (Box & Manual)  

* Super Smash Bros (case)  

* Xenosaga 3 (case)  


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5 hours ago, RH said:

You have a wanted list?  Possibly willing to trade?

Yeah def willing to trade. I don't have a list right now, but interested in completing a bunch of my loose games so Boxes/Manuals would be my primary want. 


EDIT: Sold Worms & Stunt Racer. I may have another Worms somewhere, I'll need to check though. 

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