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The Complete List of Game Boy Games (Currently US-Only but willing to add the rest)


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This is from my own personal list, which I compiled from NA years ago with variants and known, common errors added in.  I had personally kept track of a few othercarts like the NFRs and the unlicensed titles on another tab but I've pulled all of this information in one place and created this shareable spreadsheet. 

Please note that the rarity column started out with the values from NA, but as I encountered games that were either more common than the initial NA list, or more rare, I made manual adjustments.  The rarity information is as trustworthy as you would trust someone who's been hunting down games for a while.  But, "rarity" can fluctuate in perceptions.

There might be some mistakes on this spreadsheet regarding variants and what-not, so feel free to post questions or comments. Also, it wasn't much work to consolidate this so feel free to copy-and-paste either the whole spreadsheet or the details for your own use.

Google Sheets: Complete List of Game Boy Games

Feel free to pass along any information you might have for other regions.  I'd love to build a complete list of all known titles but, unfortunately, I never took the time to pull any of those details out of NA.  If anyone has that info in spreadsheet form, I'll try to get it added.

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43 minutes ago, nick said:

Great list!!!! I love that you have the Canadian Game Boy releases on your list as well. Very nice list.

Your welcome.  Actually, I've slacked off a bit. @JVOSS is the actual real wizard who's compiling the list of many of the region games.  I pulled together the US list, but he's slowly covering the others, and I'm just throwing them in a spreadsheet and trying to fill in extra meta data as we learn it.

You can find his lists on the BIG List of Lists[^].

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