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FO TurboGrafx 16 Lot — mostly killer, some filler. Ben Stiller.


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I’ve decided to part ways with this collection. I’m just putting this out there for offer right now. I’d like to sell it as a lot if possible. 

I’m not in a hurry to sell. If I was I would just list it all in an eBay auction. 

Just trying to feel it out for now.

Devil’s Crush, Dragon’s Curse, Bomber Man 93, and Blazing Lazers are all complete in case. Jackie Chan Adventure and Falcon are game only. All the rest are game and manual only.

The Turbo Express comes with the TV Tuner. It’s been professionally capped and had an LCD upgrade mod.

Soldier Blade
Bonk 3
Air Zonk
Bonk’s Adventure
Bonk’s Revenge
Side Arms
Darkwing Duck
Aero Blasters
Parasol Stars
Legendary Axe
Legendary Axe II
Night Creatures
Alien Crush
Space Harrier
Super Star Soldier
Samurai Ghost
Somer Assault
Time Cruise
China Warrior
Dungeon Explorer
Ninja Spririt
Military Madness
Bomber Man 1
Dragon Spirit
Ghost Manor





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Agreed ^^

I still want a modded PCE portable, that thing looks amazing, but I can only guess what all the want would be for an offer on that alone let alone that stack of games in quantity and quality.  The things I'd hand over at this rate if it wasn't a cash deal would add up. 😮

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