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Sleeves for later print NES LJN games

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Got another weird question for y’all.

I recently picked up an Alien 3 for NES and the sleeve inside seems like a repro but I’ve heard in the past but haven’t confirmed if this is just the normal sleeves for these later LJN games or not.

As always thanks for the help.



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I picked up a Crash Test Dummies recently and it came with the "weave" pattern that I expect with all later published titles.

I can say that I have seen sleeves like the one you pictured.  They are thick and not exactly matching the curent repro sleeves though.....

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Yeah this one is much heavier than the normal rough ones that all the other publishers used later in the new lifespan. Figured I would ask to confirm, these days with all the resellers I wanted to make sure the sleeve is legit for LJN/Acclaim later print games and not a crappy new repro.

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