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Lost Filming Tech has FINALLY been recreated!


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For those who are not nerds about old school VFX, nearly 60 years ago the Walt Disney Company invented a radical filming camera and technique that allowed for subjects to be filmed in full color, across the entire color spectrum, and using sodium vapor lights projected onto a background, they were able to create something akin to modern Green/Blue Screen technology. However, due to the nature of the physics of the Sodium lights, the affects were far better than anything we've seen in 60 years.  Some time around 30-40 years ago, the special crystals that were used within the camera were lost with time and in spite of all our technical advancements in film, nothing has ever come close to the compositing abilities of this old tech from the 60s.

Well, with the assistance of a camera technician and engineer, using a modern  technology, the affective approach has finally been replicated and the results are truly stunning, and I say that in a non-clickbaity kind of way.  

I can only stomach so much Corridor Crew, if you're familiar with the channel, but if you're into these types of things I highly recommend you watch the video.


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