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Well this is a first?! I can't message/email an eBay seller. I only get the option to call them.


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Wow, has anyone seen this:


So, I bought this item because from what I recall as a kid, there were for different variants.  I have two right now and I want to pick up the other two if I can find them for a reasonable price.

Anyway, this seller listed another one and said it came from "New Old Stock", so since he listed the second one within a day of me purchasing the other one, I was hoping he had the other variants I'm missing and maybe I could buy direct from him.  Well, I've try to navigate to seller contact through every option available and when it comes to direct contact, I'm always led to that last, expanded group which offers to show me the sellers phone number.

I may give him a call but I can't right now but has anyone seen this?  Also, in 2024, how is it possible that by eBay's rules and standards, you can't accept some form of e-Message?  I mean, I'm not mad or upset or anything.  I just find this option... interesting.

Has anyone seen this before?  Anyone used this feature?  I kind of even wonder if it's a vestige of a really old settings  option from 20 years ago but they've never forced sellers to update to a current policy.

Anyway, I figured I'd share and see what you all think.  It's just odd to me.

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