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My go to controller adapter.


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I wanted to share one of my obsessions.



Another one is this, work in progress.




But my favorite part of it all was the Bridge.






With it I can connect any of my controllers ( yup that entire pool table worth) to a Gamer-Pro ( made by the same company ) to the Bridge so that it works on any of the consoles. This is made by Bliss-Box. Most of the time I prefer the original controller but there are times where I do not. Like my intellivision, now I can use an analog stick, so much better. Or using atari paddles for arkanoid, wii u draw tablet for mario point ( just for fun). Another good reason for have this is to save money on buy so many rare controllers. 


My next step is a clean setup and to make room for more consoles. Expensive but fun.



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I can feel the pain of that white cupboard

LOL I started out good until I got obsessed. But the other shelf needs to hold up a 500 tun CRT, so it can not feel that bad.



I didn't know someone was making that kind of controller conversion

This right here is why I got so overboard. It was addicting seeing what it "could not do". Needless to say there was not much. Then I got wrapped up in just playing any game I ever wanted to with a controller of my choice. Love'n it.



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