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Post your AI touched up art here


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I have been playing around with Dalle 2.

if you don’t know, Dalle is an AI software developed by Open AI that can generate original artwork solely based on a user generated description. For example I can ask it to create a picture of “a princess wearing a blue dress and a tiara with glass slippers in a castle, drawn in cartoon style” and it will draw like 5 versions of what I asked for. 

Another thing you can do is upload a picture. It can draw create additional artwork beyond the borders of your original picture. Or you erase a part of the picture and it will fill in the blanks.

Here is an example of the “Nintendo Game Packs” trading cards artwork. I erased parts of it and had it full in the blanks:





It’s not great, but sometimes it does good work. I am going to mess around with some SNES box arts. Will post them here.

If anyone generates something neat, consider sharing it here

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A man in a yellow jumpsuit. The jumpsuit sleeves and pants have blue accents. He is wearing a blue helmet with yellow accents. He is holding a futuristic looking gun. The ground is purple and the sky is vibrant blue. There is a purple colored futuristic looking castle in the distant background. On the horizon is a city skyline in which there are massive explosions. The foreground has palm trees.









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