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Pokemon Identification


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Just now, BlackVega said:

Also I want to question Dustox here. Yes it LOOKS like Dustox but the coloring is very bad. Maybe a color blind person designed this?


I think that miscoloring has to be the case. They made pichu a different color from pikachu, made dedene the same color as pikachu, and made crowbat grey. It'd be interesting to see some dupes of these, to figure out if they were all like this, or if they just had a whole bunch of manufacturing errors

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@fcgamer Oh by the way I know you wanted to know what they were by the toy, but I think the other answer to the question would be, YES.


YES, they're bootlegs, and they can be pretty hilarious if you get some with weird coloring, derpy face, or some other screwball stuff going on with them.


A few months ago I bought a box of 200-220 of these locally for very little given the bulk of it.  I did it because they're screwball bootlegs and funny to stare at when pulled out, not that I'd try and actually find the space to display that mess of the things.

I viewed, cleaned, researched the branding on them to figure it all out, then lined the mess out on the rug nicely and took a large image, enjoy.


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