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Need help finding Instructions/manual for Madcatz steering wheel for n64

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Like the title says does anyone have a link or physically has the instructions for the Madcatz N64 Steering Wheel? Pictured here. I picked one up recenlty and I'm sure there is a way to customize the button functions and whatnot but I can't find any images of the manual. Any help appreciated!!

Mad Catz Analog Steering Wheel For Nintendo 64 w/Memory card | eBay

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Administrator · Posted

These aren't manuals for that specific product, but they are manuals for other Mad Catz steering wheels.  Perhaps they could be useful in some way? Not sure:



And a brief FAQ from their archived product page, which probably won't be all that helpful, but just in case:

And a pic of part of the manual from an ebay listing:

I suppose you could try asking the ebay seller for another pic or two? s-l1600.jpg


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