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Old, unopened & vintage Sesame Street PC game on floppy disks


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Hi folks, 

This is a game that I have been trying to put a value on for a long time but finding just about anything on it has been near impossible - MobyGames has nothing, no sales record at all on eBay, little to nothing on google as a whole, so I'm hoping to turn to you guys. All I can really tell you is basically what's on the packaging, because I sure as hell am not opening the shrinkwrap, along with what little personal knowledge I have because, well, I'm old.... that said! Here's what I can share about it:

- Released in 1987

- 5.25" floppy disk release, so probably unplayable these days.

- Coloring book software, which was popular in this time for small children up to the early 90s

- For "IBM" computers, because Windows wasn't established at this point.

Still, given its age, I would venture this is in pretty good shape, all things considered. I would be very appreciated in any help in putting an actual value to it for future purposes*. Thanks for looking!

* Why yes, I would be willing to sell it if a collector is interested. Fancy that!



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