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My personal list of Homebrew NES games, physical only


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Ok, to start with, this list is NOT definitive.  There are no reproductions, prototype releases, hacks, unofficial sequels, unofficial ports, unofficial remakes, or games with NSFW content.  If you know of a game not on the list, please help me out by posting about it!  

Original titles - OK!
Official ports - OK!
Music carts (official or licensed) - OK!
Clones?  OK!  (You can't own an idea, so a clone that mirrors another game but is executed differently counts as OK in my book)

Also, if a title I have listed has a limited edition that you're aware of, and I don't have that noted, please post that, too!

1007 Bolts
1007 Hammers
2A03 Puritans
2-in-1 Geminim/Siamond
Action 53 Function 16 Volume ONE "Streemerz Bundle"
(Action 53 v.2 is found under "D")
Action 53 Volume 3
Alfonso's Arctic Adventure
Almost Hero
Armed for Battle
Battle Kid: Fortress of Peril
Battle Kid 2: Mountain of Torment
Battle Kid FC (does this belong on a separate list?)
Billionaire Banshee (adult party game, yes, but NSFW?)
Black Box Challenge
Blow 'em Out
Candelabra: Estoscerro
Chunkout 2
Chunkout 2 JP
City Trouble
Color Caves
Cowlitz Gamers Adventure
Creeping it Reel
Creepy Brawlers
Double Action 53 Volume TWO
Eskimo Bob
Famicompo Pico 2014 Chip Tune Album
Game On Expo Retro Championships 2015
Garage Cart
Germ Squashers
Get 'em Gary
Haunted: Halloween '85
Haunted: Halloween '86
Homebrew World Championships 2012
The Incident
Justice Duel
Kevin Power in Concert Carnage
Kevin Power in Too Many Games
Legends of Owlia
Little Medusa
Log Jammers
Lucky Penguin
Machine Cave
The Mad Wizard
The Meating
Micro Mages
Mojonian Tales
Mystic Pillars
Nebs 'n Debs
NES Virus Cleaner
Nighttime B*stards
Nomolos: Storming the Castle
Power Coloring
The Rise of Amondus
Silicon Statue
Sitten Kitten
Special NESnake 2
Star Keeper
Study Hall
Sudoku 2007 (blue cart, manual)
Sudoku 2007 (gold cart in tin)
Super NESnake 2
Super Painter
Super Russian Roulette
Tailgate Party
Tic-Tac XO
Twelve Seconds
Twin Dragons
UXO: Unexploded Ordinance
Vegavox II
Welcome [to Eville]
X-mas Cart 2008
X-mas Cart 2009
X-mas Cart 2010
X-mas Cart 2011
X-mas Cart 2012
X-mas Cart 2013
X-mas Cart 2014
X-mas Cart 2015
X-mas Cart 2016
X-mas Cart 2017
X-mas Cart 2018

Coming soon:
Jay and Silent Bob Mall Brawl
Project Blue

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Check out the NESWorld list, you're missing a bunch: http://www.nesworld.com/article.php?system=nes&data=neshomebrew.

Also Galactic Ascension is missing from NESWorld and Martin didn't add it even after I messaged him 😞 Check out the NES Oddities book by Jeffrey Wittenhagen. It does a good job going over early stuff and LEs.

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