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FS: The World of Nintendo Book ⭐Volume 2⭐ (And Volume 1 Reprint) - Kickstarter!


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So in case you didn't know, I created a book about The World of Nintendo. It's a visual history of Nintendo's early merchandising efforts during their heyday.

The first print sold out, and so I created a Kickstarter to reprint the first volume, but is also to fund the creation of the second volume!

So get on ordering volume 2 and volume 1 if you missed it.

Check it out below:


I have to fund it in 30 days and hoping people share this as much as possible to help me reach my goal.





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1 hour ago, jonebone said:

Free bump, was meaning to pledge and finally remembered today.  Great work!

Are you still alive jonebone mate? 😀 Its me, "justice" from the good old SealedGameheaven-forum. I just created an account in this forum here (i didnt even know this forum exists) and put my factory sealed vga85+ "Secret of Mana" Snes for sale in the "Online Auctions Limelight"-area. Help me to push it, lol! Hope you are fine mate, haha? 😊

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Hello author dude! You won't ship to Taiwan but you'll ship to Malta and Croatia? Seriously?

I want to back this but I've been burned the one and only time I've backed a Kickstarter, and further more the international shipping prices are ridiculous and you won't ship to my country while being willing to ship to small countries in Europe. 

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