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Kid Kool Prototype Cart


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Hi all, I found an unusual cart in a large NES lot I bought earlier this week, and I have figured out that it seems to be a prototype. I have never encountered one before although I have been collecting for quite a while. I am hoping some of the experts here can give their thoughts on this particular find, any advice on dumping the ROM (I don't have hardware that does that), and thoughts on value. 

Here's a shot of the cover, next to a retail release. Interesting that it had an actual label, with a different image no less, instead of a plain label.


Here's the guts, again next to a retail release.


Phillips screws instead of the proprietary hex screws in back.


I haven't gotten it to start yet, but I haven't given up on that. I will update with more info once I get it going. Thanks in advance for any thoughts or advice you have.

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