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Digital Entertainment Smart Content Development Association of the ROC 2023 Conference (Taichung, July 2023)


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I am pleased to announce that ITG-Soft will be attending this year's Digital Entertainment Smart Content Development Association of the ROC's gaming exhibition around the theme of Students show games. We will be showcasing our Hungry Ghost Night games, and are likely going to be the only software studio at the show that is showcasing / demoing Famicom software!

The time and place is July 1, in Dali District, Taichung City, from 9:00 to 17:30. Be sure to stop by, grab a free poster, and find out what exciting projects we've been working on over the past several months. 

We will also be giving away free demo cartridges of Alishan Tea Collector, an upcoming arcade-style game by ITG-Soft. Don't miss it, as this will be the first chance to check out and play this game, and these demo cartridges are limited to this event only.

If you plan to attend, feel free to hit me up in advance. (Free) tickets / passes for the event can be obtained at the following url:

異校遊戲大亂鬥 #7|快來玩!這是我做的遊戲 | ACCUPASS 活動通

Hope to see everyone there!


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19 minutes ago, fcgamer said:

@OptOut You planning to stop by bro? If so, make sure you register for tickets for you and your family (it's free). I know you're heading on holiday soon, so I don't know if you'll be around or not!

I will see if I can, I would love to check it out! Although, that will be the weekend after we get back from Japan, so the scheduling may be a bit too tight there, but I'll let you know!

Either way, good luck with the show dude and well done! 😄

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Thanks so much for the interest guys, after I get my permanent residence card early next year I hope I'll have the freedom to be able to head back to the States for longer durations - then I hope to attend some conventions there too and meet some of you guys 🙂

Here's a write up of the event from last Saturday with pictures. 

ITG-Soft’s Adventures (substack.com)

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