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Pokémon Soul Silver (Save Data Accessed Error)


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Hello I just got a copy of Pokémon Soul Silver for the DS. It’s 100% authentic however I keep getting this error message.
The DS recognizes the cart, however when I boot the game, before it gets to the title screen it says, “The Save Data Could Not Be Accessed”

I have tried inserting the cart into multiple 3DS, and regular DS consoles, and I keep getting the same message.

I decided to open up the cart and clean the pins. I used 99% alcohol, contact cleaner, and brasso. The pins look great but the game still won’t boot properly. As a last ditch effort I read about some people licking the cart and that failed too.

If anyone knows how to fix this please let me know! Thank you!



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Like Brickman, I'm not an expert with DS cartridge hardware stuff, but I've looked into the issue others like you have encountered, suggestions include cleaning or re-inserting the cart which you seem to have already done immensely.

It seems to be indeed a flash memory corruption issue from the sounds of it and reports I've heard from other DS games, If that's the case (and I hate to say this), then unless there's a way to re-flash the memory chip or it just somehow works again by sheer complete luck, I'm afraid there's nothing that can be done to fix it and your cartridge is just bricked..

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Social Team · Posted

Damn, the best thing I can offer to testing the traces and components to make sure none are bad.  Most multimeters don't include small enough test leads to test something like a DS cart.  Here is a kit that I have that works well for me https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B07GNVFL5D/  course you'll need a multimeter.  Identifying a bad connection could be the cause of the error.   Looking at the board I'd say the traces themselves are probably good but you could have a failure of the chip connecting to the board.  You could also just do a reflow to make sure that isn't an issue.  Here are some videos kinda helping with such an issue.

As one of my favorite YouTubers say, "You can't break what is already broken.  So might as well try and fix it."


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