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  1. HAPPY FREE RPG DAY, EVERYBODY!!! I ended up going a bit overboard this month, especially since the Star Wars RPG will not be back in 2022. But I am dealing with enough that doing retail therapy (briefly) helped me (today). Purchase #1: Dewback Rider (Unit Expansion) and Imperial Stormtrooper (Upgrade Expansion) Purchase #2: Imperial Stormtrooper (Unit Expansion) and Clan Wren (Unit Expansion) Purchase #3: Everything else seen here. Which I did not plan to do today, but it happened. With these added, I am around 50% complete towards my "Edge of the Empire" focus goals! I also got a D&D mini-terrain set for free, even though I'd still get it if I spent $20 there. It consists of a bog, a plastic (build it yourself) miniature of a hag, and her house. Not my thing, but it was free. And I also caught up on my Star Wars: The Vintage Collection stuff! Purchase #1: "VC165" Remant Stormtrooper (not shown) Purchase #2: "VC177" Din Djarin (The Mandalorian) (Walmart exclusive; with The Child) The seller (whose photo I am using) had these being listed as "collector grade mint" with the one I bought being the last of their stock. And unlike video games, it was listed for a SANE price. Purchase #3: "VC177" Incinerator Trooper (Walmart exclusive) This was tricky to find both in nice condition and at a sane price. So I ended up compromising with this one just because it came with a protective case. Plus it was the last 2020 release I needed (after I decided to get the exclusives). Other than that... No video games (or candy).
  2. If my neurotypical-to-non-neurotypical translation is correct it's a "I am not into graded games so I call it the best I can"-type collector lingo for graded games.
  3. What he said is why I put a complete freeze in regards to me collecting video games. With my experiences tied to me selling my holy grail as an effort to reboot my business goals making it worse. And that excludes the "jokes" made (here) at my expense. In the end all I can say is that I might as well pick up stuff tied to video games, and not any games. That way I can still stay sane within this community while others make the mistakes I have tried to avoid.
  4. Answer: Mega Man 2 (aka Rockman 2) Objective Answer: Dragon Warrior IV (aka Dragon Quest IV) That is both the long, and short, answer from me. Now if you do not mind, I have to debate if I can find the money to have my recent acquisitions graded.... Or.... If I should budget and just order slider cases.
  5. Let's see... - Donkey Kong - Donkey Kong Country - Halo - Mario/Super Mario - Pokémon - Elder Scrolls - Final Fantasy - Resident Evil - Shining - Gears of War - Zelda (most of it) The list goes on. But should note that I like these enough to play, but do not love them. Heathen! Kidding. I felt the first game was alright, but never took the time to beat the DLC add-ons. And I am also working on beating Borderlands 2, but am not looking forward to doing the DLC. The rest does not impress me. But... I am hoping to get the TRPG tie-in.
  6. Sorry for the long update. I was hoping to do this sooner, but I have been facing a lot of hurdles as of late. And even then I have to hold off on more reveals because of those delays. So expect me to post this month's pick-ups later this month. First up... I followed up with TVC's The Child (Grogu) with a few more BBTS orders. Which were the following: - Shipment #1: (VC181) The Mandalorian - Shipment #2: (VC179) The Armorer, (VC185) Greef Karga - Shipment #3: (VC180) Moff Gideon And when it comes to eBay, I managed to pick up 2 of the 3 2020 TVC figures I wanted. This almost did not happen because I had to deal with a seller who was anything but cooperative, along with the whole fiasco that Gina Carano did to herself. But in all cases I was curious because people were saying that her figures shot up in value. Why? It's because Hasbro (not Disney) discontinued making any VC and TBS figures that bear her likeness. So at one point these figures, especially the Walmart exclusive TVC "carbonized" variants, shot up to the triple digits! Which I found to be funny since the Disney Store at Downtown Disney (Anaheim) only had her filling their pegs last year. I ended up getting her for $26 plus shipping. With a free protective case. Which has me wonder how those who chose to spend a premium over a speculation may feel these days. In all cases... The other figure I got via eBay was (VC166) The Mandalorian. This one is my second attempt at owning the figure, with me paying less than what BBTS originally offered when I first pre-ordered his first release from them, what I paid for on eBay, and what it would have cost me if I stuck with my Entertainment Earth preorder. And yes, I think he might be my favorite out of the current batch of figures I had bought. As for video games... I got my two games back! What happened was that while they had my games, they moved to a larger facility. And because of that both games obtained some QC issues. So I had to ship them back to have it corrected. With them updating the photos and including new COAs when they were shipped back. Dragon Quest VII is not for sale, even if I get a substantial offer. I have reasons for that, including the fact that it is both the rarest among the four variants and the very first to be graded by CAS. It was graded an 85 (86.9) because there was caked on debris that could not be taken off by them. Otherwise it could have been an 85+ to 90. Plus I recently found out that Koichi Sugiyama has died. So having this is a little bittersweet right now. This one I might sell if I get a good offer. Ever since I bought it the game's sealed value had shot up, with this one being graded an 85 (85.9). Besides the fact a small hole formed at some point, I also think that CAS penalized me for sending it to them instead of donating it to @OptOut's Japanese DC collection. (Opinions?) More later. Just not video game related. I have tried but the otaku gods have denied my request.
  7. All I can say is that your definition requires the Card, Bubble, and Figure to be a 90 (or higher) in order to be considered a "MOC" piece, that is your way of collecting. And because that is your way of collecting, I will not argue. In all cases, a MOC figure requires the figure to be a 90 or higher. And if a carded figure was given an 85+ it means that either the card or bubble (maybe both) was a high 85 and still had its flaw(s) be easy enough to spot. Just like you can have an C(ard): 85, B(ubble): 85, F(igure): 90 and still have the overall grade be a 90. Figures that cannot be considered MOC tend to either be the victim of a factory using the wrong type of plastic, doing a bad production run, or the owner not knowing how to take proper care of their carded figures. Other than that, it tends to be rare that a packaged figure gets anything lower than a 90 when those factors are not an issue. Then again... I have bought enough carded R2-D2s and Stormtroopers from resellers that I will not considered a figure "MOC" if I suspect there is either a factory flaw or age-related discoloration on it.
  8. All I can say is that I have done that far too many times in the past. And is why I spent the past few years looking at how grading companies both grade and preserve, and not look at ones who benefit from any/all undeserved hype. So I feel for ya, and can say that a MISB "TBS" Cara Dune has dropped down to the $60 to $100 price range. Then again... I used to tell people that it is smarter to develop a steady profit margin than aim for a potentially big pay day. Because the former does offer a potential big payday, where as it is not the case for the other. Which always ends up being another thing people ignore because they listen to some schmuck say otherwise. But I also have a Walmart story that involves an obvious repack and me facepalming after I reported it to them twice. Which is also my current feelings about HA, and the fact they put more energy denying something than saying they will look into it. Which had me wonder why because they don't lose money by doing just that.
  9. I tend to follow any market that helps me decide what I should consider collecting. It's a long story. Plus I thought that people are hunting down the Clone Saga issues, and not this one. Because Sony cancelled their Ben and May movies while Marvel is bringing back Peter's clone (Ben) as the new Spider-Man! As for vintage toys... The original MOC "rocket firing" Boba Fett is an "error packing" variant. Kenner cancelled that plan when they learned that the rocket is a potential choking hazard. With the "double telescoping" lightsaber figures becoming variants because the tips were too fragile (and can be a "eye poking" hazard). Then again... The only "rare" MOC figure I own is Cara Dune. She went from being an epic-level peg warmer to being a controversial hot commodity to being one I paid a sane price for.
  10. But I am the only one who put a financial risk by renting a specific apartment in Nakano, with the intent to visit the autism center in Asakusa in hopes of seeing if they can help develop a much overdue Autism therapy session for me, while seeing if a business-related co-op is possible (since I have been struggling to do both for 8+ years). But I do believe that I am not the only one who chose to put video game collecting on the sidelines just because sealed toys are currently going for more sane prices (along with any similar reasons I am using).
  11. And the answer is... I stopped caring because all I hear is how Wata is the #1 option, and how any other company that can make them money is the #2 option for them. Along with a number of other things that include reasons why I stopped collecting video games for the time being.
  12. From what I have seen, a good percentage of both collectors and "investors" are subconsciously collecting the grades more than the item itself. With sellers willing to price more common 'high grades' more than their more rare 'lower grade' variants. Which is a side topic that helped contribute to my decision to give CAS a shot. With the only complaints I had being the ones they managed to correct (for the most part). Myself, personally, I have a rare MISB Transformers figure that was graded a CAS 80+. Based on my first experience with AFA, I think they'd have graded it either an 85 or 85+ (or 9.0 if I used their standard grading system). With reason being that my first submission to them came in a 'strong' 80 box, and it was graded an 85. Where as this one was graded an '84.1'. Which tells me that it is 15.9 points (or percent) away from being a gem mint piece. But I should point out that I always pay extra for any available acrylic upgrades just because I don't want to have my collection be displayed in a climate controlled closet. And I also have a list of things I will have to buy when both my collection is complete and I have a room to display them in. Just because preserving a collectible does not stop once you put them in either a plastic case of any kind.
  13. People don't bother following that portion of the market, that's why. I mean how many will officially proclaim that a near-perfect copy of Amazing Fantasy #15 should not have sold for that amount? I mean besides those who do not know that it is also Spider-Man's very first appearance in any media. Seriously... It makes me wonder how people would react if somebody paid a third of that price for a MOC AFA (or CAS) 85+ graded "vinyl cape" Jawa.
  14. Don't you mean 'butt cancer' with a side of diaper rash? In all cases this would not have happened if people gave C-- [insert a series of inner monologues here]
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