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  1. My endgame is simple... 1) Have a CAS graded collection that includes my favorite Dragon Quest games, as well as various titles that have kept my interest since my NES playing/collecting days. (Current goal: 25 titles; Ultimate goal: 100 titles) 2) Continue doing this until I either feel like my graded goals are complete or I am finally moving into my own place. Either case, I will add more collectibles in my gaming/collecting room-office hybrid until it feels complete. Both cases have an unknown conclusion. And I have seen a complete 'main series' Dragon Quest collection. One t
  2. You both need to watch The Producers. And I mean the original, even though the remake was good. Because that is the direction we're taking that show! Plus I blew the budget on a ton of Starbucks coffee cups that I got for free. Which means that season 8 is going to be a mix-up of The Big Lebowski and The Great British Baking Show.
  3. Cor blimey... I have sealed copies of both Black and White, with Black being in top condition. After getting White, the store they shipped it made me feel like I should have spent more on eBay. And hearing this has me debating if I should try to sell them here, or hold off until I can sell them in Japan. Either way, I will not sell them at eBay prices.
  4. GoCollect went Donner Party for the data. And even then they did a lousy job putting that to good use. Which is why I might contact Wata if I was given a sticker sealed copy of Super Mario Bros. and wanted to find out which printing it was. Just not much else. But even then, NA did not help me find a reason to like WataGames. So... Maybe?
  5. Dammit, Boots! Not everybody is good at getting names right!
  6. Pokkén Tournament (left) is a first print. And it also has the Dark Mewtwo amiibo card. It is part of the "arcade" portion of my collection, which still includes my first print copy of Dragon Quest Monster Battle Road Victory. Pocket Monsters Pikachu is one of the 20th anniversary releases. And I am currently thinking of completing the Generation I set. So like I said in the other topic... I have reached the 15 mark to my graded games goal. And I personally feel that if my experiences here were no different than the other places I might have quit a while back. So... Thanks for
  7. It feels good getting back on track when it comes to my graded game goals. Which has not been easy, but I still managed to get this far with my sanity still intact. Pokkén Tournament (left) is currently second game in the "arcade" portion of my planned graded game collection. It is a first production/print. And Pocket Monsters Pikachu (right) is a 20th anniversary exclusive, with this being the first/only game in my collection that does not include a physical cart. I also ordered a Detective Pikachu hat from Mandarake's Sapporo branch. It is part of my birthday plans.
  8. Thanks for the apology, and you are forgiven. I should have also said in advance that communication is not my strong point. Plus I had situations like this happen to me before. Mostly the miscommunication portion. But both are their own topics. So I will cap off by giving @captmorgandrinker praise for being a super hero of sorts. Oh... And happy belated Easter as well.
  9. My TOP 2 favorites when I had my NES! Simon's Quest was one I played multiple times but only once got the good ending. And Dragon Warrior is pretty much the reason why I am a Dragon Quest fanboy! Include Willow, The Legend of Zelda, and DuckTales... And you have the top 5 games on my list!
  10. Sorry for the bad post. Here is my edit. https://gameofthronesintrocreator.kassellabs.io/#/GoTMXf88Pq0T7p5FluZjnN
  11. In all cases I 100% relate to that, with reasons tied to my not-so-fortunate examples. Which is why I also chose to join both NA and VGS as a supporter of those who collect stuff they graded. I mean... Show me a collector who bought a VGA or Wata graded game, or even used either one to have their graded, and you have a reason why I support the right to use their services. But when it comes to grading imports, I went with CAS because I want to have one version of every Dragon Quest, Phantasy Star, Pokémon, etc. title that defines what I want when it comes to playing these games. Which incl
  12. And those examples are why I say CGA, Inc. as a whole are great at grading and creating cases. The rest still has me recommend them, but only if they are sure their product is 100% authentic and want their labels on top. Otherwise I would parrot my recommendation that they give CAS a shot. Because they offer a VGA-like scoring system, with a second score explaining why it might be an 85+ instead of being a 90. As opposed to calling it Mint, etc. As for Wata... I was first turned off by the fact NA suddenly favored them over VGA. But I got over that and was planning to try them out before
  13. Nobody has asked you to. But honestly? Your dismissal was proven to be wrong long before you posted that. Link #1: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jesus_in_Islam Link #2: https://www.britannica.com/event/Siege-of-Jerusalem-70 Link #3: https://www.jewishboston.com/read/ive-heard-that-judaism-is-passed-down-through-the-mother-is-it-true-does-it-matter/ Link #4: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mary,_mother_of_Jesus Link #5: https://arstechnica.com/science/2019/07/archaeologists-uncover-evidence-of-first-crusades-siege-of-jerusalem/ In the end, who should I believe: You o
  14. Throwing some love for that point! In all cases this is another reason why I invest my time looking for the next Japanese release that'll fit into my collecting goals. I spend more time than money hoping what I do get is a perfect personal investment, and doing so has me get a few rare games at rational/sane prices. Plus by not using VGA or Wata this year, I have become the very first VGA member to have a third video game grading company grade two of my games! You know... Stuff that nobody cares about because they do not use reality TV to hype themselves up, and so on.
  15. Which is contradiction just because all religions were created by many contemporary (or historical) figures that are just as fallible as I openly admit to being. And as per the original Jewish faith, God was not shown as being a being of great insight when it came to Lilith. Which was all denoted by those who are no different than I am. Which is why I chose to be spiritual. Religion, as it stands, is its own form of philosophy. No religion can offer me what I want, but to deny the spiritual aspects they all offer can take away most of what I need to feel whole. Plus if you knew what it i
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