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  1. Here is the thing. An 85+ is a super-minor infraction. If looked 85 and graded a 90, then you might have a valid claim. But in your case, the difference in grade is "Is that minor to very minor post-case removal wear?" versus "Is that minor to very minor damage done during shipment?" Which has me say that your grader concluded the wear was very slight "shelf wear" versus Bucky's grader thinking that it was shipment-related wear. It's that minor in your situation, and is far from anything you should be angry over. Because it is at best a 2 point difference.
  2. I pretty much aim for what I hope is a first print variant. There are cases where I will aim for a later print, but those reasons are circumstantial. And for me re-releases should have a re-release of their own if I am to pick them up. However... I am still a bit behind on my own variant finds, and the only source I found mostly deals with the main series in Japan. So all I can say is that a few games I am eyeing will either be later prints, or have to be such due to one reason or another. But yeah... Something like that is cool for reference sake. But for me my dealings with variant
  3. I'm on the "Other" listing because I have used VGA in 2018 and plan to use Wata in 2021. For me VGA was the main reason why I wanted to start a serious game collection, and has also become the reason why I had joined NA long before I rejoined this place. So any issues I might have with them is pretty much a trade-off because I got to meet you guys. Plus I like how they display when it comes to uniformed collections. But I am also OK starting my collection with everything being graded by Wata. It is not the same but I doubt I will have what is needed to display Wii, etc. games when th
  4. I'll simplify by saying that my only legitimate points where I sold collectibles were based on the following two reasons: 1. English speaking "fans" have created ways to ruin a franchise for me. 2. Complete burnout or my anxiety has become an issue; very rarely both. Outside these issues I can only feel that maybe, just maybe, I would sell any game I might have if I have a chance to get a replacement that is in either equal or better condition. And yes, I have thought about this many times. And I feel that I'll let the person I give them to make that decision.
  5. All I can say is that I always "double down" on anything I plan to both own and play. That is pretty much it. Because for me I never limit my collecting experiences to the "here and now" factor. That is fine for those who can only afford to do this. But for me, what can happen to those non-sealed collectibles is why I collect the way I do. In all cases seeing what can be done as a means of presentation and preservation, with a lot of great examples found in Japan, is why I often lean towards a sealed game collection goal in the end. While supporting options that offer both that and the me
  6. It literally varies for me. I had every system from PS one to PS4, as well as both the PSP and PS Vita, and am debating if I will get a PS5. Where as I did not have every Nintendo system they have put out. Nintendo = Nintendo exclusives + portable option + better customer service. Sony = Everything else if there are games you like playing when it comes to both systems. In all cases I had fun using the online mode for a few PS4 games I bought digitally. And was totally engrossed in Dragon Quest XI during the first half of that game. But that was pretty much it in the end. Wi
  7. I never got into it because I didn't have the money and Final Fantasy VIII's demo turned me off from the series for a while. But despite that I have to admit that Vivi is my 4th favorite Final Fantasy character. So maybe once I finally finish Dragon Quest II, and the other JRPGs I bought (as I am going to drop my last non-RPG from my completion list), I'll use that as an excuse to finally play it on the Switch.
  8. I also gave it an 8, and not a 9 like others here. For me the only game I loved for that system was Final Fantasy VII. But I also had more experiences at the end of its lifespan than anything else. And because of that I missed out on playing Dragon Warrior VII, Parasite Eve, and Xenogears. Plus these days it is close to being #2 when it comes to any/all past generation game systems. Which has it being wedged between Super Famicom and PlayStation 2. Just because both Dragon Quest IV and Dragon Quest Monsters I&II were remade for that system. And not much when you exclude both Dragon Wa
  9. I do too. It's one of those things that have me nick the nostalgia for a very nice niche collectible. Plus to me, Jessica has a very... ...very... ...look in that pic. Something I hope to point out after I have Wata grade it in 2021.
  10. Another one I plan to have graded! My goal for 2021 is to fill out the non-portable releases of Dragon Quest I-VIII and XI. And added a few Square Enix re-releases (not "Ultimate Hits") for flavor. And maybe include some of the spin-offs and Dragon Quest IX if I am lucky. No clue how I will handle Dragon Quest X. All-in-all I feel that having this is a great start for me!
  11. This is one of those moments where I am thankful Wata did not give me a response. In the end I am happier having this than the NA version (which I originally wanted). All because the artwork does it for me. One down, many to go.
  12. You don't want him to create the "Chattanooga Choo Choo Collection" with the help of Wata, sell it to a collector who'll just sell portions of it for profit, and wave to Dain from his neighboring island on the Caribbean?!
  13. Not a problem. I should add that I might be busy trying to get any updated info in regards to getting legal help starting my business there. But I also do know my way around Akihabara, Nakano Broadway, and -- to a lesser degree -- Nipponbashi. So if I can find this, my guess is it will pop up in any of Mandarake's shops. Otherwise, I am going to hope that my game hunting does not end like it did in 2017.
  14. I kid you not, but I have to go with... Willow. The game turned out to be one of my favorites when it comes to the NES. Plus it made me forget the fact that I missed out on playing Dragon Warrior II to IV.
  15. UPDATE: Just got these hours after I found out that I cannot buy what I wanted for my "Nintendo accessory" goals. So that is dropped in favor of more Dragon Quest related merchandise. Manga = Dragon Quest: The Adventure of Dai #1-5 Magazine = V Jump (December, 2020 issue) (comes with Xross Blade arcade card) Book = Dragon Quest Rivals (includes an art gallery) The manga are the third release, and was re-released because Toei is putting out a new anime adaptation. With V Jump doing a prequel series, and Saikyo Jump doing one based on the arcade game. Plus I also got a n
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