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FDS to Famicom unofficial conversions

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Just dropping this in here, it's more or less complete set of the coveted conversions of the Famicom disk system games to cartridge.

There are some duplicate cartridges here, variants, as well as some alternative versions by different companies.

Smash Ping Pong is easily the rarest.

There's one (possibly two) games that I'm missing, though one of the two can't be confirmed as a FDS port as the game didn't function, so we can question was the label true or not. As for the other title, I'm sure I know what I saw, but I could have remembered wrong, either way it's not on anyone else's lists so I won't publically post the title until I can confirm it.

Anyways thought people might find this set interesting.




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5 hours ago, Brickman said:

Very cool. Was there one company that did them or did a few get involved? I’d definitely be interested in picking up these as a sub set one day.

That's the neat thing, it seems like there were only a couple companies involved in doing these. 

Then when some of the games finally had NES releases (Metroid, Rushn Attack, Cadtlevanias, etc) then the companies started just using those versions as the mappers were more standard and cheaper to produce, I'm guessing.

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1 hour ago, phart010 said:

Neat. Are the orange carts old? I think they still make those orange ones today. My brother picks them up on Aliexpress sometimes

Specifically talking about the one in the style of Kaiser Bubble Bobble

Yeah those are old, from around 1988 or so. It's the same as the one that's pink, just a different color.


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