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Anybody here design in Revit, AutoCad, or Navisworks manage?


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15 minutes ago, Deadeye said:

@MrWunderfulyeah I use Revit and AutoCAD professionally, ask away or send me a PM

Bro, thats awesome. Can pay in homebrews 😂😂


I didn’t know that, do you work for an architect or contractor? Do you do any commercial/ industrial MEP?


I got burn out running big projects and 60 man crews. I have  always been the unofficial BIM guy for my medium sized electrical shop while we were smaller- well basically because I play video games- But now as we have grown in size they need an electrician in house doing BIM/ detailing full-time, and its a pretty convenient promotion. 

Anyways I got pretty handy with Navisworks manage just from using it but I want to teach myself revit, so I can building electrical rooms, distribution, lighting infrastructure, mounting  details etc. 


I guess I can ask here, but for the casuals it might get boring lol


thank you by the way  



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Homebrew Team · Posted

Nice, will be a good change a pace.  

Architect, primarily on public buildings, though some private commerical as well.  

There will be some overlap in how we use Revit, but in other areas we are using different features within the program.  Shoot me a PM questions, happy to help if I can.

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Social Team · Posted

Those are some pretty widely used programs in the industry.  If you are looking to learn overall usage of them I would suggest a "paid" course that is likely covered by your public library.  Also suggest looking into getting a library card from your state and not just looking at your local library.  Look like this is the place to learn out to get some "paid" online training through Cali's State Library https://www.library.ca.gov/services/to-public/career-pathways/  Looks like you may need to visit a site in-person to then get online access that you can use at home.  Gotta say that is pretty ass backwards.  The whole point of online learning is to be able to do it anywhere that has internet access.

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