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FT/FS: Metal Marines CB, Lost Vikings 2 (SNES), some NES...


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EDIT 10/13: Found a few dupes back in my storage unit during my vacation. There's some fairly decent stuff in there. Again, trades are prioritised and will get you a deal! Buying in bulk also gets you discounts 😉

- Tecmo Super Bowl: $20

- Darkman: $30

- Beauty and the Beast (PAL Exclusive, x2) : $100(Good label), $70(Damaged label)

- Destiny of an Emperor: $50

Or get the whole NES lot for $225

- Metal Marines CB: $170 (Or get it with Lost Vikings 2 for $240)



The time has come to unload SNES trade bait! I have the following SNES dupes for trade:

- Legend: $125 SOLD

- Pocky & Rocky: $210 TRADED

- International Superstar Soccer Deluxe: $85 SOLD

- Lost Vikings 2: $100

Lost Vikings has no back label for some reason but is 100% authentic. Pics below


Prices don't include shipping. I'm based in Japan, so it should be about $10 for one game.


I am mostly looking for TRADES. I will sell but you'll get a much better deal with a trade. Prices are negotiable, especially if you buy several games at one, though I'm really looking to trade off/sell the lot as a whole.



Here's my NES wants. 


AD&D Pool of Radiance

Banana Prince

Bubble Bath Babes (lol)

Bubble Bobble 2

Cheetahmen 2

Cosmic Spacehead (PAL)

Dynablaster (PAL)

Ghost Lion

Hot Slots (lol)

Kid Klown

Little Samson (not gonna happen I know)

Mr Gimmick (PAL)

Peek A Boo Poker (lmao)

Princess Tomato

Racermate Challenge 2

Rodland (PAL)

Stadium Events (pppfffchhrrrttt no)

Sunday Funday

Turbo Racing (PAL)

Wacky Races


Thanks for checking out my listing, and remember: Trading = better deals 😉





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