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Famicom Collectors/Japanese Speakers - What is this???

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So I've been going through some of my stuff to get an inventory completed, and I came across this thing.  It's been in my collection for over a decade, but I can't for the life of me find anything about it.  Near as I can figure, it's related to Family Basic, in that it's a bunch of BASIC programs on a cassette tape designed for the cassette deck used to save Family Basic stuff.  Google has been a bust though. 




From what I can tell, it's published by Technopolis Soft, which would appear to be related to Technopolis magazine (the font on the logo is identical to that of the magazine).  It's a compilation tape of sorts, and there's a big fat book (the yellow half of the last picture) to accompany the tape.  Aside from that, I really know nothing about it, including what the hell to call it.  So?  Anyone?

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Called "Game Pochette" and it was published by Tokuma Shoten.  As mentioned, it's a collection of Famicom BASIC programs and related manga.  My Japanese isn't very good (studied it briefly years ago) to make out the rest.  Also found this https://yosshin4004.github.io/famibe/overview/index.html with a little more info.

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After running it through Google Translate I found this nice little blurb:

Tokuma Shoten also releases related books
This is "Game Pochette" (Tokuma Shoten, May 1985). A cassette tape containing his 24 Family Basic game programs and a booklet containing commentary articles are included in the set.

Manga is used throughout. Later, Mr. Yoshimi, who is in charge of planning, design, story and director of Metal Slader Glory (1991 HAL Laboratory), is drawn.

Kinda cool that it's got a little connection to the largest Famicom game ever made!

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On 4/27/2022 at 1:13 PM, Alder said:

ポシェット "pochette" comes from French for pouch, so I'd call it "Family Basic Game Pouch", basically a collection of games on tape. I think the Family Basic stuff is super cool, I've been wanting to get into it.

Honestly, I'd love to get my hands on a copy of Family Basic and the tape deck so I can try this out.  While none of the games look spectacular, they all look like otherwise unreleased games (the tug-of-war one with two Marios against two Luigis looks like it could be a fun party game 😛 ).  All told, I think it's kind of a neat little novelty!

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