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Battle Kid: Fortress of Peril is coming to Xbox April 15th, with Pre-Orders starting April 8th!


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You Will Die Hundreds of Times!

Battle Kid: Fortress of Peril, the game that revolutionized NES homebrew development, is hitting Xbox thanks to 8-Bit Legit April 15th, with pre-reorders available this Friday, April 8th.

Jordan Ordorica, developer and creator of Sivak Games, set a new benchmark and showed the community what could be done with a brand-new NES game when he created this masterpiece back in 2010.

This tough-as-nails platformer will challenge even the best retro gamers, providing the white-knuckle difficulty that was prominent in many cartridge games.

Capture a full slate of achievements exclusive to Xbox. Boost your gamer score while your skills are tested in this real-retro platformer. 

- Blast through over 550 action-packed rooms
- Battle more than 30 enemy types and 8 bosses
- Dive into authentic retro gameplay 
- Feast your eyes on 8-Bit Legit graphics loyal to the cartridge-gaming era 
- For Fans of Mega Man and classic platforming shooters
- 5 difficulty settings along with a password system

GET THE GAME ON XBOX HERE: https://www.xbox.com/en-US/games/store/BattleKid/9MTS8NRGD94P
VISIT THE #8BITLEGIT WEBSITE: https://8bitlegit.com/

8-Bit Legit is a pixel partnership between Mega Cat Studios & Retrotainment Games who share a passion for quality retro. We are committed to keeping cartridge gaming alive both in physical form and through modern digital publishing. 8-Bit Legit is physically headquartered out of the Steel City in Pittsburgh, PA.


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18 hours ago, JamesRobot said:

That's cool and all, but why no cart rerelease?   BKs have been out of print for a minute. 

I wish they'd do a Famicom release of part 2, with the makeover and rebalanced difficulty like they did part 1.

Emulator versions on modern Xbox machines, bleh

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