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[WTB/WTTF] WTB - Pokemon Battle-e Cards


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WTB - Pokemon Battle-e Cards

Looking to buy:

The 4 English-language Australian Battle-e promo cards:

  • Dragon Tamer Craig
  • Ninja Boy Yasuo
  • Pokéfan Darlene
  • Cool Trainer Mattego

as well as 4 Emerald Battle-e cards:

  • Gentleman Ed ジェントルマン エド 19-A038
  • Collector Coleman ポケモンコレクター エツジ 19-A044
  • Cool Trainer Roderick エリートトレーナー ナオユキ 19-A059
  • Cool Trainer Alicia エリートトレーナー ナズナ 19-A060

I'm also looking for practically all the map pieces that went along with the Emerald set.

This is also a long shot, but if anyone has the demo version of Cool Trainer Mattego (08-P008) or the demo Pokemon Pinball card (09‑A002) then I'm very interested in those as well.

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