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Mario with black sticker seal?

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10 minutes ago, Capguncowboy said:

So the US version of games were sold in Canada with the gloss sticker seal? Mario 2 came out at the end of 1988. It's odd they were still using those more than 2 years later

Thanks for the info

I know that I have seen several countries sell the US version of a game for a few months before their own region one was released - usually with some sort of sticker on it.

Just a guess - Mario 2 was going to be a big seller, the Canadian versions weren't ready yet, so they took the wrap off a bunch of US copies, imported them as used to save $$$, then stuck a sticker seal on it so it could be sold as new in the Canadian market?

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Lots of games came sticker sealed in Canada long after the official release of NES in the USA. They weren't imported USA games though, they were specific to our market because many of the boxes came as hangtab as well, I have a Mike Tyson's Punch Out!! hangtab box with sticker seal and it's just a regular CAN release.

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