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Does anyone have a real disk of All Night Nippon Super Mario Bros?


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3 hours ago, fcgamer said:

This is one of those games along with Super Mauro, which I wouldn't ever touch even with a ten foot pole.

Good luck, I'd speculate many aren't too keen of posting pics of theirs 

Gimme yer pics nerds. Japanese bootleggers aren't on the Sage! Even Google can't find the Sage since the DNS change!

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Apparently the date code is known to be L116K17 if random Japanese Twitter and Youtube people are to be trusted. But there are a bunch of common disks with that same date code and I've seen it stamped at least 4-5 ways. You would imagine that a game with a small initial production run didn't have a bunch of different looking factory stamps. Back to the drawing board to try to ID a real one of these 😢 

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